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Outdoor Lawn Events You Can Hold at the Hoover Met Complex

People sitting in a lawn watching an event

Hoover Met Complex can hold many types of events throughout our versatile complex. With the summer season upon us, it’s the perfect time to take advantage of our expansive outdoor areas for specialty events. An open lawn event is just what the doctor ordered after a long work week. These outdoor events give you the […]

Event Space Rentals at Hoover Met Complex

Group of people gathered in an event space enjoying food.

If you are looking to hold an event, Hoover Met Complex has a variety of event spaces to choose from. Location, amenities, and cost are all things to take into consideration before booking. We are equipped to accommodate both large-scale and small-scale events, whether that is for a corporate conference, trade show, or simple team-building […]

Best Features of an Indoor Sports Complex

Indoor sports complex basketball courts

Indoor sports complexes have several features that set them apart from basic gyms or open court areas. Conferences, meetings, and indoor sports are just a few of the things they can offer regularly. With a new complex, you might wonder what features set it apart from an ordinary indoor facility. In today’s blog, Hoover Met […]

Turf vs. Grass – Outdoor Sports at Hoover Met Complex

Close up of a synthetic grass soccer field

There has been a lot of debate to whether synthetic turf fields or natural grass fields are better. Artificial fields have become more popular due to the year-round versatility, annual upkeep, and durability. However, natural grass fields are better for the environment, overall traction on the pitch, and might even lessen the chance of injury. […]

How to Beat the Heat During the Summer

Young boy drinking from a water bottle

The summer months bring heat waves, intense humidity, and more. Sometimes these summer months will cut down your training, especially if you aren’t taking the right precautions to beat the heat. Depending on where you are the heat will drain your energy in different ways. If you are noticing a decline of energy, a lack […]

5 Ways to Pass Time During a Rain Delay

Recently, baseball teams, especially collegiate teams, have been taking full advantage of rain delays. They have found a way to pass the time quickly through energetic mini-games, skits, and sliding up and down the infield mats. These teams have gained attention from sports television and social media. However, for people who are attending these games, […]

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Sports Camp

Hoover Met Complex Summer Sports Camp

Summer is prime-time for outdoor sports camps. The sunshine, beautiful weather, and free time for kids make for a perfect equation for a successful outdoor event. However, you should prepare no matter how long the camp is. Outdoor sports can be exhausting, especially for extended periods and for multiple days in a row. Hoover Met […]

How to Prepare for a Baseball Tournament

Coordinating the logistics for a baseball tournament requires careful planning and operational execution. At Hoover Met Complex, we make it simple to plan and execute large-scale tournaments. That’s because we offer advanced facilities, experienced support staff, and unrivaled customer service. If you are planning a baseball tournament, you need to focus on four major things: […]

5 Fun Sports Games to Play at a Birthday Party

Looking for a fun place to plan a birthday party for a friend or family member? Hoover Met Complex offers party space rentals for birthday parties of all sizes. There are so many ways to enjoy a birthday party within the huge facilities and large outdoor areas at Hoover Met. This vast sports complex is […]