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Hoover Tennis: Tips to Develop a Consistent Serve

Hoover Tennis Serve Hoover Met Complex

Your tennis serve is the key to starting each point with a bang. Yet, it’s also one of the hardest elements to master and maintain consistency. The experts at Hoover Tennis explain some tips to develop a consistent serve to improve your tennis game. Related Post: Tennis Basics: How to Play Tennis Power Versus Topspin […]

Tennis Basics: How to Play Tennis

Female tennis player sitting on outdoor court

Tennis is a fun sport for all ages. Whether you are a beginner, or you have been playing for years, tennis can challenge you in unique ways. It tests your physical endurance, balance, coordination, speed, and mental toughness. Here in Hoover, AL, you can enjoy outdoor tennis for about nine months of the year. In […]

5 Most Viewed Outdoor Sports Events of All Time

Group of young people excitedly cheering

People from all over the world tune into sporting events, even if their home team isn’t even playing! These outdoor events bring in millions, sometimes even billions of viewers for a single game! Sports events such as the Olympic Games, the World Cup, and the Super Bowl are often the most anticipated events of the […]

Turf vs. Grass – Outdoor Sports at Hoover Met Complex

Close up of a synthetic grass soccer field

There has been a lot of debate to whether synthetic turf fields or natural grass fields are better. Artificial fields have become more popular due to the year-round versatility, annual upkeep, and durability. However, natural grass fields are better for the environment, overall traction on the pitch, and might even lessen the chance of injury. […]

How to Beat the Heat During the Summer

Young boy drinking from a water bottle

The summer months bring heat waves, intense humidity, and more. Sometimes these summer months will cut down your training, especially if you aren’t taking the right precautions to beat the heat. Depending on where you are the heat will drain your energy in different ways. If you are noticing a decline of energy, a lack […]

How to Prepare for an Outdoor Sports Camp

Hoover Met Complex Summer Sports Camp

Summer is prime-time for outdoor sports camps. The sunshine, beautiful weather, and free time for kids make for a perfect equation for a successful outdoor event. However, you should prepare no matter how long the camp is. Outdoor sports can be exhausting, especially for extended periods and for multiple days in a row. Hoover Met […]

Keeping the SEC Baseball Tournament in Hoover

The Southeastern Conference is compiled of 14 universities as far north as Columbia, Missouri, and as far south as Gainesville, Florida. This conference is arguably the most competitive in the division one sports world. With that being said, the SEC Baseball Tournament is one of the most anticipated collegiate events of the year. For the […]

Outdoor Fields at Hoover Met Complex

A well-rounded sports complex has both indoor and outdoor facilities. At Hoover Met Complex, we have multiple NCAA regulation-size fields that can accommodate even the largest of events. As you walk through the grounds, you will notice both the quality of each field and admire how well they are maintained. In today’s blog, we go […]