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Tips for Staying Warm During Winter Sporting Events

Snowy turf soccer field Hoover Met

The cold can sometimes be unbearable, especially after the 3rd Quarter of a football game. There are certain winter weather tips you need to take to stay warm throughout the game, whether you are a player or a spectator.  Often, winter conditions are harder on the spectators because players are actively keeping their blood moving […]

How to Beat the Heat During the Summer

Young boy drinking from a water bottle

The summer months bring heat waves, intense humidity, and more. Sometimes these summer months will cut down your training, especially if you aren’t taking the right precautions to beat the heat. Depending on where you are the heat will drain your energy in different ways. If you are noticing a decline of energy, a lack […]

5 Ways to Pass Time During a Rain Delay

Recently, baseball teams, especially collegiate teams, have been taking full advantage of rain delays. They have found a way to pass the time quickly through energetic mini-games, skits, and sliding up and down the infield mats. These teams have gained attention from sports television and social media. However, for people who are attending these games, […]

How to Prepare for a Baseball Tournament

Coordinating the logistics for a baseball tournament requires careful planning and operational execution. At Hoover Met Complex, we make it simple to plan and execute large-scale tournaments. That’s because we offer advanced facilities, experienced support staff, and unrivaled customer service. If you are planning a baseball tournament, you need to focus on four major things: […]