Best Features of an Indoor Sports Complex

Indoor sports complexes have several features that set them apart from basic gyms or open court areas. Conferences, meetings, and indoor sports are just a few of the things they can offer regularly. With a new complex, you might wonder what features set it apart from an ordinary indoor facility. In today’s blog, Hoover Met Complex lists some of the best perks that come with an indoor sports complex.

Air Conditioning

Getting away from the summer heat can be a luxury after a long day in the sun. Temperature controlled complexes provide an instant cool down from any exercise or training, giving you a burst of new-found energy. Throughout an indoor sports complex, they have the ability to change the temperature depending on what events are taking place. Often, within a new complex such as The Finley Center, you won’t get the crowded and stuffy feeling that can accompany many gyms.

Access to Facilities

Indoor sports complexes have a variety of facilities that are accessible to anyone inside. Inside many of these facilities, you will find easily accessible restrooms, showers, cool down areas, and even specified training or event rooms. Depending on the accommodations of the indoor sports complex, you can host both large and small events in private rooms such as birthday parties or trade shows.

Year-Round Access

No matter if it is raining, freezing, or too hot, you can always find a haven indoors. Having year-round access to a complex allows for a great environment to get fit or host an event. This feature also gives you the ability to host tournaments indoors without the fear of cancellation due to unexpected weather.

Multiple Uses

Indoor sports complexes don’t have to be limited to just indoor sports. Several events and shows can be hosted within these extensive facilities. At the Finley Center, for example, you can host trade shows, private events, birthday parties, and more. Not only are indoor sports complexes great for sports like basketball and volleyball, but they are also great for retreats and conferences.

The Finley Center at Hoover Met Complex

One of the most popular spaces Hoover Met Complex offers is the Finley Center. This indoor sports complex is a state-of-the-art, 155,000 square-foot complex and event center. The Finley Center can host large scale tournaments, banquets, recreation programs, and much more. If you are looking for a place to hold your next event, visit our website to learn more about our facilities. Contact us today and speak with our friendly staff for any reservation questions.

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