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How a Great Setter Helps Your Team on the Volleyball Court

Girl setting a volleyball during a game on a volleyball court

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport played outdoors on a sand court or indoors on a hard volleyball court. For the indoor game, you need six players. Every position is important, but the setter plays a pivotal role on the court. Today’s blog from Hoover Met Complex showcases why a steady setter is vitally important on […]

Etiquette for Using the Walking Track at Our Indoor Sports Facility

Hoover Met Complex Indoor Sports Facility Walking Track

Hoover Met Complex is your place for fitness south of Birmingham. Guests can walk or jog on our state-of-the-art, cushioned indoor walking track where one lap is equal to 0.21 miles. Five laps are a mile. Today, we talk about simple etiquette for using the walking track at our indoor sports facility. Related Post: Get […]

Tips for a Successful Summer Sports Camp for Your Child

Hoover Met Complex Summer Sports Camp

Hoover Met Complex is gearing up for summer sports camp season! We offer sports camps for basketball, soccer, flag football, and softball. In today’s blog from Hoover Met, we offer helpful tips for a successful summer sports camp for your child.  Related Post: How to Beat the Heat During the Summer Register Your Child Properly […]

Get Your Daily 10,000 Steps in Our Beautiful City

Hoover Met Complex Walking 10,000 Steps

You’ve decided to walk 10,000 steps a day to get in shape. You’re ready to start walking: You have your playlist in order, your wardrobe picked out, and you’ve set aside time in your schedule. Now, it gets real. Walking 10,000 steps allows you to get exercise through a low-impact exercise routine. We say 10,000 […]

Get Ready for 2020 Summer Camps at Hoover Met Complex

Hoover Met Complex Summer Camp

Summer is still more than a month away, yet it’s time to start thinking about summer sports camp for your children. We’re still planning on having a full slate of camps for your kids to enjoy, which will be fun for everyone after a lengthy stay-at-home order in Alabama. We’re planning to operate as normal […]

Hoover Tennis: Tips to Develop a Consistent Serve

Hoover Tennis Serve Hoover Met Complex

Your tennis serve is the key to starting each point with a bang. Yet, it’s also one of the hardest elements to master and maintain consistency. The experts at Hoover Tennis explain some tips to develop a consistent serve to improve your tennis game. Related Post: Tennis Basics: How to Play Tennis Power Versus Topspin […]

Tips for Staying Warm During Winter Sporting Events

Snowy turf soccer field Hoover Met

The cold can sometimes be unbearable, especially after the 3rd Quarter of a football game. There are certain winter weather tips you need to take to stay warm throughout the game, whether you are a player or a spectator.  Often, winter conditions are harder on the spectators because players are actively keeping their blood moving […]

What Coaches Should Know Before Leading a Sports Camp

Coach having a pep talk in a huddle

If you are going to be a coach for a sports camp, there are a few things you should know ahead of time to make sure your camp is a success. Sports camps are a great way for campers to build skills through fun games and activities while also focusing on improving their overall game.  […]

Most Popular RV Campgrounds in Alabama

RV park at sunset

Alabama has some of the most beautiful sunsets in the South, whether you are in Gulf Shores or downtown Birmingham. Rich history, college football atmosphere, and crystal-clear waters bring over 25 million tourists to Alabama each year. For these tourists, one of the best ways to travel and soak up all of Alabama’s beauty is […]

Different Types of Rock Climbing Techniques

Little boy climbing on rock wall

Rock climbing has taken over the extreme sports world, constantly pushing the limits of both upper and lower body strength. These climbers put their bodies to the test as they scale massive rock walls, sometimes completely free of equipment. There are many different versions and techniques of rock climbing that have become popular, always testing […]