Tips for a Successful Summer Sports Camp for Your Child

Hoover Met Complex is gearing up for summer sports camp season! We offer sports camps for basketball, soccer, flag football, and softball. In today’s blog from Hoover Met, we offer helpful tips for a successful summer sports camp for your child. 

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Register Your Child Properly

The first step for a successful summer sports camp is to register your child correctly. We offer sports camps for kids ages 5 to 13. Double-check your online registration to make sure you fill in all of the information properly, including the right sport, your contact information as a parent, and any other important information. This includes any medications or health needs your child may have. 

Please make a mental note of whether you register your child for a camp that has lunch or not. If you do NOT register your child for a camp with lunch, you’ll need to provide food for your youngster.

Check the Weather

Check the weather forecast every day before dropping your child off. It’s summer in Alabama, which means every day will be hot and humid with high temps in the 90s. Afternoons may see rain or thunderstorms. There may be tropical storms at some point. Summer sports camps at Hoover Met Complex have procedures in place if there’s inclement weather.

Eat a Good Breakfast

Make sure your child eats a healthy, balanced breakfast in the morning before arriving at his or her summer sports camp. A balanced breakfast includes more than one food group, including protein, carbs, and fruit. Think of a bowl of cereal with milk topped with strawberries or with a glass of orange juice on the side. For something heartier, there are eggs with toast and a side of bacon or sausage.

Prepare Your Child for the Day’s Activities

Send your child with the right equipment, some water, and snacks. We take the health and safety of your youngster seriously during each summer sports camp session. We’ll encourage frequent water and rest breaks, along with eating snacks, like a granola bar, to make sure everyone stays healthy. If your child needs equipment for the day’s activities, such as shin guards or cleats for soccer, please make sure he or she brings those items to camp.

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Summer Sports Camps at Hoover Met Complex

Summer sports camps are a special time at Hoover Met Complex. We pride ourselves on creating a fun atmosphere for your child to learn his or her favorite sport. Contact Hoover Met Complex or call (205) 739-7364 for more details on our summer sports camps.

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