Etiquette for Using the Walking Track at Our Indoor Sports Facility

Hoover Met Complex is your place for fitness south of Birmingham. Guests can walk or jog on our state-of-the-art, cushioned indoor walking track where one lap is equal to 0.21 miles. Five laps are a mile. Today, we talk about simple etiquette for using the walking track at our indoor sports facility.

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Walk or Jog Counter-Clockwise

Move around the track in a counter-clockwise direction. This puts the ball courts on your left side rather than the right side. Everyone should move in the same direction on the track at our indoor sports facility.

Alert People When Passing

Not everyone walks or jogs on our indoor sports facility’s track at the same pace. When you pass someone, make sure to say “track” to let someone know they are being passed. Alternatively, say “on your left” or “on the inside” since faster joggers generally run on the inside lanes of the track.

Give Plenty of Space

Give the people around you plenty of space, even when you’re passing. Stay at least a foot or two away from someone as you’re passing. For social distancing rules, most definitely maintain at least 6 feet of distance between you and someone else who isn’t in your party at our indoor sports facility.

Be Courteous

Use common courtesy at our indoor sports facility. Be polite when you are passing or being passed by another person on the track. You don’t have to say anything to someone passing you, but a simple nod in acknowledgement can let someone know you heard them before they pass you.

Don’t Hang On or Over the Guardrail

There is a guardrail to keep you safe from the level below. Don’t hang on or over the guardrail. Although it’s okay to stop and watch the action of the courts below if the track isn’t busy, you must be safe when using our indoor sports facility.

Watch for Stray Basketballs or Volleyballs

Occasionally, a stray basketball or volleyball may land on the track from the courts below. Be courteous and retrieve the ball if you see one on the track. There’s no need to throw the ball a long distance back onto the court. You can just drop it down from the track. Please make sure someone down below is waiting for the ball and says it’s clear to drop it.

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Walk at Our Indoor Sports Facility 

Walking is a joy at our indoor sports facility. Hoover Met Complex is climate-controlled, family-friendly, and open for business per state of Alabama guidelines. Contact Hoover Met Complex or call (205) 739-7364 for more details on our walking track at our indoor sports facility.