How a Great Setter Helps Your Team on the Volleyball Court

Volleyball is a fast-paced sport played outdoors on a sand court or indoors on a hard volleyball court. For the indoor game, you need six players. Every position is important, but the setter plays a pivotal role on the court. Today’s blog from Hoover Met Complex showcases why a steady setter is vitally important on the volleyball court.

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Agile Mover

A setter moves laterally, from side to side, near the net. This player must be aware of where the ball is going after a pass from the back line. He or she also must move around the outside hitters who are prepping for the next move. Setters need to shift their feet quickly to adjust to what other players do on the volleyball court. During each movement, setters keep their hands high and at the ready.


The coach calls out the play before the serve, but things evolve quickly during a rally. Setters must be savvy thinkers and strategists before placing a set. Is there an opportunity for a quick set? How about a back set to the part of the net behind the setter? Who has the best chance of earning a point on your side? Great setters need to know where the spike should come from on their side of the volleyball court.

Master of Disguise

The opposition’s side of the volleyball court shifts to where the ball goes. Setters should disguise where the ball is going next. Middle blockers may fake a quick set to try to throw off the defense, but the next play in the rally goes right to that quick set to score a point. All signs may point to a back set, but a lone outside hitter in front of the setter can direct a spike away from the defense moving towards the two players behind the setter. When there’s a wide-open space on the other side, a setter can even play the ball over the net to try to score.

Setters keep an eye on the action at all times on the volleyball court. Great setters encourage others, lead by example, and set up their teammates for success. On a hard-won point, the setter is the first one to congratulate the hitter who scored. 


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