Accepted Payments

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Hoover Met Complex will be accepting only card or digital transactions, and will no longer accept cash or coin as payment. The Hoover Met Complex is becoming a cash-free facility in an effort to improve the way they serve area residents, local, regional and national events, and the City of Hoover. This change will mainly impact how the Hoover Met Complex handles transactions for ticket sales and food and beverage items in the food court and at concession stands.

In reaction to Covid-19, many stadiums and event venues have converted to transactions with mobile or card payments in order to reduce customer touchpoints. In a recent study by Visa, nearly 65% of consumers would rather use a contactless form of payment following the the Covid-19 pandemic. With a focus on cleanliness and reducing unnecessary contact, athletes and visitors will not need to handle any paper or coin money. Going cashless also increases the speed and efficiency of transactions, thereby reducing food and beverage lines. This new policy also avoids worrying about receiving correct change in a cash transaction

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