How to Prepare for an Outdoor Sports Camp

Summer is prime-time for outdoor sports camps. The sunshine, beautiful weather, and free time for kids make for a perfect equation for a successful outdoor event. However, you should prepare no matter how long the camp is. Outdoor sports can be exhausting, especially for extended periods and for multiple days in a row. Hoover Met Complex wants you to be prepared for your next outdoor event. Follow some of these tips and tricks to be ready for any outdoor sports camp.

Stay Hydrated

Packing enough water is essential in preparing for a summer outdoor event. Running during drills and scrimmages will quickly dehydrate you without an adequate amount of water breaks. Start preparing your body for a week in the sun by drinking plenty of water in the days leading up to the start of camp. Avoiding soda and other caffeinated drinks is also beneficial because they make it more challenging to sweat while also dehydrating you!

Appropriate Equipment

Make sure to have the proper equipment for your outdoor sports camp before stepping onto the field. If you are not adequately prepared, it will put you at a disadvantage for the camp, sometimes even threatening your safety. Check the registration to see if there are any requirements for camp. Having the right equipment also goes for appropriate clothing! Dress in apparel that will keep you cool throughout the day.  

Cool Down

Each water break is a time to gain your energy back and get a well-deserved break from the sun. Try to take your water break in a shaded area, or if you have other complexes around, slip inside to get some AC. Something simple that can immediately cool you down is a cold towel. When you pack a small cooler to keep your water in, throw in a small towel to use for instant heat relief.

Energy Boost

Maintaining high levels of energy in the summer heat can be difficult. Pack a few snacks for each day to give yourself an energy boost. It can be difficult for kids to eat enough during the summer months due to the changed schedule, so make sure they are eating enough to keep their energy levels up before and after the day is done.  

Register for a Sports Camp at Hoover Met Complex Today!

Hoover Met Complex’s incredible facilities make for the perfect outdoor sports camp. It is an excellent way for young athletes to spend their summer break and is designed for a variety of sports and games. Our 2019 sports camps will be the highlight of the summer, and registration is currently open! For more information, check out our upcoming events on our website and take a look at the camp schedule to choose which week works best for you!

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