5 Ways to Pass Time During a Rain Delay

Recently, baseball teams, especially collegiate teams, have been taking full advantage of rain delays. They have found a way to pass the time quickly through energetic mini-games, skits, and sliding up and down the infield mats. These teams have gained attention from sports television and social media.

However, for people who are attending these games, the question is, “How am I supposed to pass the time during this rain delay?” Today, Hoover Met Complex gives five options and tips to make that rain delay fly by.

1. Interact with the Players

Often during a rain delay, the players take full advantage of the break. Some youth, collegiate, and professional teams have been known to perform on the field as the rain pours down. These activities sometimes even incorporate the crowd for fun reactions and additional members for skits. If you are looking for a fun way to pass the time, walk down to the front row and talk to players!

2. Get a Snack

If you don’t want to miss out on any of the action during the game, use this downtime to get something to eat and drink. The lines might be long during breaks in innings, and especially during the seventh-inning stretch. However, with so many people choosing to spend their rain delay differently, you’ll be at the front of the concession line in no time.

3. Visit the Team Store

Looking for new merchandise for your favorite baseball team? The lines for gear can be entirely too long before and after the game, so take advantage of the team store during your downtime! Search through those deals to find your outfit for the next baseball game you attend.

4. Tour the Stadium

Ballparks can be full of restaurants, shops, vendors, and even side games. All too often when we get to a stadium, we walk directly to our seats, and that is the extent of the tour. Hoover Met Complex is massive, and you can pass a lot of time touring the sports complex. Check out the Finley Center and the Hoover Met Stadium to discover all the amenities Hoover Met Complex has to offer for future events. 

5. Head Home

If worse comes to worst, and you can’t stand waiting in the rain, head home. Often the stadium will allow you to re-enter with your original ticket. The rain delay can be an excellent time to grab lunch, watch other sports on TV, or just dry off. At Hoover Met Complex, we offer an RV Park that features 170 parking sites. So if you catch yourself in a rain delay, walk to your closely-parked RV in the meantime. The park is close to restaurants, shopping, and more entertainment!

Catch a Game at Hoover Met Complex Today

Rain delays can be a pain; however, at Hoover Met Complex boredom will not be a factor. Our state-of-the-art facilities, along with constant events, will make the time fly by. If you are looking for a fun environment for your next baseball game, purchase your tickets for our upcoming events today. Hoover Met Complex would love for you to visit, so check out our website to learn more about our sports complexes, event spaces, amenities and more! Give us a call at (205) 739-7364 to get more information on how we can make your next sporting event incredible!