With all the hustle and bustle of a place as exciting as the Hoover Met Complex, we keep some policies in place to help ensure that you have the best experience possible. These policies are specifically designed to allow for your utmost safety and your utmost enjoyment.

On this page, you can find a link to our full policy guide. Within, you will find detailed information about the Hoover Met Complex, including an overview of the facility features, a map of the grounds, emergency contact information, mission statement, and policy statements.

If you don’t feel like getting into the details, here we provide a crash course on some important takeaways.

Our Mission Statement

At the Hoover Metropolitan Complex (HMC), your safety and enjoyment are what motivates us to be the best youth sports and special events complex in the country. Our commitment to service and creating experiences is what separates the HMC from the rest.

Facility Rules

All of our policies are created to make sure we live out our mission statement every day. These basic guidelines keep the Hoover Met Complex running smoothly and without disturbance, and they are made with the best interests of all of our favored and valued guests in mind.

In order to help us contribute to our mission statement, we ask that all of our guests refrain some smoking and/or using tobacco. Both of these behaviors are prohibited on our grounds.

Personal coolers and outside food are prohibited inside our building. Also prohibited are concealed weapons of any kind. We ask that you please observe these basic rules at all times to help us maintain our dedication to your best experience.

Admissions Policy

Because the Hoover Met Complex is able to accommodate such a wide variety of events, the ticketing policy will vary for each one. Children aged five and younger will be allowed into any event for free.

In order to maintain proper capacity in our main gym, we ask that each guest present a wristband or hand stamp upon re-entry. If the weather is not cooperating for the day, please bag your umbrella before entering any of our gym spaces. We will not allow any food or outside beverage into our facilities, nor will we allow artificial noisemakers such as cowbells, keys, or more.