Safety Tips for Hoover Climbing & Adventure

Hoover Met Complex is excited to announce the opening of Hoover Climbing & Adventure in the Finley Center. With a multitude of exciting and unique climbing challenges, the youths of Hoover have a great way to learn the thrill and excitement of climbing walls. Before you visit, take some time to learn a few safety tips you or your child should know before you begin your first climbing adventure at Hoover Met Complex.

All Climbing Activities Should be Supervised

Hoover Climbing & Adventure is all about safety. Our team supervises the climbers and can explain in detail how to outfit the gear, handle the safety ropes, and all related safety regulations. This is a crucial aspect of having a safe and fun time on the climbing walls. Make sure you and your children pay close attention so that everyone stays safe and has a great time.

Practice Falling

This step may seem silly, but falling is a part of climbing and will happen to everyone who climbs regularly. The best way to ensure that climbers are prepared for an actual fall is to practice them. This will teach you how to safely catch yourself and help to lessen the potential for injuries.

Take Small Breaks

Exhaustion can quickly creep up on even the most experienced climbers. You would be surprised how tired your arms and legs can get during a climbing session. Make sure to take breaks between climbs in order to allow your muscles to recuperate and to prepare for the next climb.

Practice Correct Technique

For many new climbers, they tend to overuse their upper body when moving from one handhold to the next. This seems to be the most natural way to climb for beginners. However, using your lower body to lift yourself upward will save you a lot of trouble. Not only is your lower body stronger, but we are used to maintaining balance on our feet. Practice this method of movement and you will be surprised how quickly it begins to feel natural.

Visit Hoover Climbing & Adventure at the Finley Center Today

If you are looking for the perfect place to host a party, hold a team building exercise, or just have a day of adventure, Hoover Climbing & Adventure is the perfect place. Contact us today to book a group event or give us a call at 205-739-7364 to speak with our friendly staff!

We look forward to hosting your next adventure!