Thinking About Booking An Event Space At Hoover Met Complex? Here Are Five Great Amenities

Five Great Event Space Amenities Offered At the Hoover Met Complex

Finding the perfect facility for your kid’s birthday party or a corporate event can be difficult. There are many factors to consider, most notably when it comes to available amenities. The Hoover Met Complex is proud to offer some of the best amenities of any event space in the area, and in today’s blog post, we hope to show you why with five of our best amenities.

1. Hoover Climbing & Adventure

If you are looking for a facility to host a birthday party or a team-building outing, the Hoover Met Complex now offers Hoover Climbing & Adventure as the perfect solution. The indoor climbing area offers state-of-the-art climbing walls with auto-belay clip-in systems that are perfect for a birthday party or a team-building exercise. With so many fun activities at the Hoover Met Complex, Hoover Climbing and Adventure is great fun for anyone of all ages.

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2. Flexible Meeting Spaces

While Hoover Climbing and Adventure is a great feature of the Hoover Met Complex, not everybody who comes to our facility is looking for an outing requiring physical activity. If you are in need of meeting space or dedicated event space, the Hoover Met Complex has a number of options for you, with three individual meeting spaces or larger event spaces in the Finley Center, or in the Hoover Met Stadium. Our event sales team will be able to point you in the right direction and give you the right space according to your needs.

3. Wi-Fi Accessibility

In the technological age, Wi-Fi accessibility is necessary for many events, but not all facilities have it. At the Hoover Met Complex, we offer high-speed Wi-Fi access for our visitors, so that every guest can stay connected. Whether you are live streaming a sporting event or you just want to check your email, Hoover Met delivers the connectivity you need.

4. Open Gym & Walking Track

The Hoover Met Complex is not only for people looking to host a birthday party or company outing, but also for the residents of Hoover. Our basketball courts and walking track are open to the public each week. Our basketball courts are available for open play throughout the week as is our second-floor mezzanine walking track.

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5. Easy Parking

Nobody likes the hassle of poor parking options, so Hoover Met Complex made sure to take care of that. Our facility features a large parking lot for approximately 5,000 cars that is accessible and easy to navigate for visitors to the facility.

Contact Hoover Met Complex For More Information

If you are thinking about booking a party or event, we hope that you will choose Hoover Met Complex for your event space. For more information, give us a call at (205) 739-7364 or contact us online today for more information.

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