Upcoming Event: AGCA Gun Show

Hoover Met Complex is excited to host the Alabama Gun Collectors Association (AGCA) for the third time. These avid gun collectors will be in Hoover from October 4th – 6th to showcase some of their rare guns, knives, military weapons, and much more. The AGCA Gun Show promotes friendship among collectors, always respecting the history and preservation of these antique guns. In today’s blog, Hoover Met Complex wants to introduce you to the AGCA and spark some interest in this particular hobby.

History of the AGCA

The AGCA began with 21 men who shared an interest in antique firearms. Fast-forward 65 years later, the men are still organized to promote and admire the rich history of these weapons. Now there are over 1,500 AGCA members in 23 different states cultivating a passion for these firearms. Antique firearms require a lot of delicate care, and they always need to be handled with respect. At gun shows, most often you will find World War I and World War II weapons that bring an element of history to the collection.

AGCA is a well-vetted association; it is still accepting new members and wants to grow even more. They are always looking for members that can appreciate the firearms that collectors seek out! 

Types of Guns Showcased

Each gun show will be different, as new collectors attend at each event. From show to show there will be similar firearms, but depending on the specialty of the collectors, you will have the option to learn more about different antique guns. Some of the types of weapons are displayed are: 

  • Antique firearms
  • Custom knives and blades
  • War memorabilia 
  • Rare rifles
  • Custom pistols and shotguns
  • Firearm accessories

Even just attending an event such as the AGCA will teach you a lot about history, the mechanics of antique firearms, and many stories from the gun show participants. 

Membership and Opportunities

AGCA is actively looking for new members to carry on the rich history and tradition of the gun show. This association provides great networking opportunities that are wealthy in information. The process is simple and requires you to fill out an application form. Member dues are only $25 a year, making it an affordable club to be involved in. 

Not only is AGCA promoting the safety of antique firearms, but they also want to give back to the community. This association has an AGCA Scholarship for all eligible applicants. Some of the qualifications are having a deep understanding of your Second Amendment rights as well as a 3.0 grade point average.

Visit Hoover Met Complex for the AGCA Gun Show

Hoover Met Complex is looking forward to hosting the AGCA Gun Show on October 4th – 6th. This event will include hundreds of antique firearms as well as other various weapons. Make sure to mark your calendars to attend this special event. If you are looking to expand your knowledge on this hobby and collection, talk to some of our knowledgeable participants. For more questions about the event, contact us today. We look forward to seeing you at our upcoming event!

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