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Why RV Parks have Replaced Camping Grounds

Brother and sister sitting in the door of an RV

RV camping is rising in popularity for a number of reasons. One of the most important factors fueling this growth is the improvement and popularity of RV parks. Read on to learn a few reasons why RV parks are such a great part of RV ownership.

The Last Small Towns in America

In today’s world, it is much more rare for cities to have a unique flavor then it was a few decades ago. After all, most people are following the same celebrities on Instagram, watching the same cooking videos on YouTube, and shopping online at the same websites. Our culture is becoming more mainstream by the day.

An RV park offers an interesting alternative. Most people who either live in their RV or go on long vacations find themselves less interested in their social media presence and more interested in the community around them. You will quickly discover that the RV community fosters a feeling of kinship that is hard to find in today’s world. 

Ready Access to Amenities and Events

Just because you spend time at an RV Park and have the option of disconnecting doesn’t mean you are forced into isolation. One of the great benefits of staying at an RV park instead of a campsite is the easy access to amenities your whole family can enjoy. An RV park is not merely a parking space, it is a destination with ready access to activities, events, and entertainment. 

In addition, you aren’t forced to “rough it” at an RV park. Access to amenities, like power, sewer, water hookups, Wi-Fi access, and local restaurants and shopping provides you with a certain level of luxury that a campground simply cannot match. There is a reason that RV camping has been referred to as “glamping” or glamorous camping. You can spend time at an RV park, enjoying the great outdoors, with all the comforts of home.

Book Your Stay at the Hoover Met Complex RV Park Today

At Hoover Met Complex, we offer 170 pull-through parking sites. Each site is equipped with water, sewer, and electrical service. With Wi-Fi throughout the RV park and close proximity to local restaurants, shopping centers, and entertainment, you’ll stay entertained and comfortable during your stay at the Hoover Met Complex RV Park. Call us today at 866-466-8378 or send us an email at RVPark@HooverMetComplex.com for questions. We look forward to hosting you!

4 thoughts on “Why RV Parks have Replaced Camping Grounds

  1. Derek McDoogle says:

    Wow, it’s interesting how an RV park is a destination with ready access to activities, events, and entertainment. My family and I are planning to go out this weekend and we want to do something different than going out for dinner. I will share this article with my family to help them decide what to do this weekend.

  2. Jacob Brown says:

    It’s good that you point out that staying in an RV park allows you to have easy access to amenities when you are camping. I want to take my family camping this summer, but I don’t want them to go without access to things like power and bathrooms for the whole trip. I’m going to look for a good RV park that we can travel to.

  3. Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining that RV parks give you better access to amenities. My friend has been talking about going on vacations with her family in an RV. It seems like it could be a good way to vacation.

  4. Thomson Smith says:

    It’s cool that you mention that staying at an RV park offers a great way to disconnect from social media. I want to start using social media less often, so I’m thinking about taking a vacation at an RV park this year. I’m going to look for a good RV park that I can use.

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