5 Fun Sports Games to Play at a Birthday Party

Looking for a fun place to plan a birthday party for a friend or family member? Hoover Met Complex offers party space rentals for birthday parties of all sizes. There are so many ways to enjoy a birthday party within the huge facilities and large outdoor areas at Hoover Met. This vast sports complex is home to endless fun games that are sure to keep everyone entertained all day! In today’s blog, Hoover Met Complex lists 5 fun sports games that will make any birthday party a hit.

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1. Sharks and Minnows

This game is a gym classic. During a birthday party, there can be a lot of built-up energy that requires the kids to run as fast as they can up and down the court. These fast-moving sharks will be more than excited to tag as many minnows as possible! Hoover Met Complex has multiple basketball courts with wide-open spaces that are perfect for this game.

2. Dodgeball

Throwing these plush dodgeballs across the gym is a sport of its own. All you need to do next rent out a party space and utilize Hoover Met Complex’s huge sports complex. These games go quickly, always allowing more opportunities to play.

3. Kickball

If you are needing a break from the birthday cake and presents, kickball is a perfect game for both inside and outside. Kickball is a game where everyone can get involved and have fun playing. Need some fresh air? Hoover Met Complex offers a variety of outdoor fields, so you can get outside and have fun in the sun with friends!

4. Relay Races

You can really get creative with relay races and incorporate many different challenges and themes. One thing that will make any party special is having a relay race related to your birthday party theme. These track style events can even be made into an all-inclusive activity, with every party-goer on a team throughout the day. Our outdoor activity spaces are perfect for relay races!

5. Home Run Derby

Looking for a game to showcase your talent? A home run derby can do just that! Pitching or teeing up a baseball while having the other birthday party-goers catch in the outfield will be fun for everyone. To make this birthday game even more challenging, set up targets in the outfield to try and hit!

Rent Your Personal Party Space with Hoover Met Complex Today

Hoover Met Complex is the perfect place to host a birthday party. With our many fields, courts, and other sports complexes, it makes a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone. We even rent out private party rooms and offer party packages. Check out our website to learn how Hoover Met Complex can make your birthday party memorable, and contact us today to book a party rental space.

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