How to Stand Out at a Trade Show

Trade shows are a great opportunity to showcase your products to a variety of potential customers and businesses. But what can you do in order to attract more attention and set yourself apart from everyone else? These trade shows are often filled with established businesses who have been attending for years. If you are a new business, it can feel as if you are being overshadowed.

Within the Finley Center, one of the many venues Hoover Met Complex offers, there is space for over 300 trade booths. In order to set yourself apart, Hoover Met Complex has some great tips to thrive in your next trade show.

Get People Involved

You want to bring as many people up to your booth as possible, and more importantly, you want to keep them there. What better way to keep them at the booth than to involve them in the presentation! This will immerse people in your brand, making them realize how badly they need your product.

Design a Creative Booth

An eye-catching booth will help bring more traffic your way. Rather than relying on the plain and boring table, come up with something creative. Ask for help from a designer or marketing team to become the talk of the trade show. With Hoover Met Complex’s massive showroom floor, you will need something to stand out from the rest of your competition.  

Give Them Something to Remember

Many trade shows give items away along with business cards. These gifts are usually something simple and practical, such as pens, notepads, cups, and bags. Why not give attendees an item that helps them remember your company and sets you apart from others? Think of a fun gift to give away they are sure to remember you for.

Make a Video

A great way to grab the attention of your attendees quickly is a short, professional video about your company. These videos can often explain what you are offering in a simple way, while maintaining people’s attention.

How Hoover Met Complex Can Help

Hoover Met Complex has an 83,000 square foot event space that can hold hundreds of different companies’ booths. With state-of-the-art facilities, experienced support staff, and unrivaled customer service, the team at Hoover Met Complex will help you have a successful show. For renting options, visit our website or check out the facilities yourself at 100 Ben Chapman Dr., Hoover, AL 35244. If you have any questions regarding how we can help, contact us today! For more about the event spaces at Hoover Met, check out this related blog: Event Space Rentals at Hoover Met Complex