Effective Work Retreats at Hoover Met Complex

A new work environment might be exactly what you need. Sitting at a desk all day without a change of scenery can sometimes make both employees and employers unmotivated. Hoover Met Complex wants to help your business by hosting a personalized work retreat. With our state-of-the-art event center and outdoor spaces, we offer a great break from the office. But how do you run an effective work retreat? Today, Hoover Met Complex discusses some great ways to have a fun work retreat while also maximizing your company’s potential.

Build New Relationships

Relationships between departments can be extremely important and can benefit both the communication within the business and the overall workflow. Creating groups throughout the retreat with a team member from each department is a great start. Also, it is a good way for employees to work with new people, increasing office morale.

Involve Everyone

It is imperative to involve everyone in the company in a work retreat. This involvement allows each member to voice an opinion, showing even new employees that they are a part of the team. This will prevent the feeling of exclusion and develop a sense of unity as a whole business.

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Brainstorming sessions are an essential part of retreats. Hoover Met Complex offers a variety of event spaces for small scale meetings as well as company-wide forums. Renting these event spaces for brainstorming sessions gives each team a work environment to return to throughout the day. These meetings are also critical to idea generation, addressing company concerns, and establishing ideas that can be reinforced in the future.    

Bring in a Speaker

Small team break-outs are great for retreats, but it’s also important to bring everyone together to share an experience. Inviting a respected speaker to your business retreat is a great way to create an inspiring experience for your whole staff. Having the speaker act as a facilitator can even bring out new and important ideas for the whole company to hear. Rent out a large area in Hoover Met Complex to hold all your employees and we will take care of the set up for you!

Retreat Reflection

Arguably, the most important part of a work retreat is what your employees take away from it. You want new ideas, new potential, and new-found motivation after a retreat. Get opinions from all your employees, regardless of their position. A documented reflection process can create stepping stones for the future of your business, preserving new ideas, innovations, and relationships that came out of the retreat. The only other thing you will need to do is follow up when you get back to the office!

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