Safety Tips for Indoor Sports

The Hoover Met Complex and Finley Center offers the best indoor sports amenities you’ll find in Hoover, AL and beyond. Playing sports indoors is a great way to keep fit and active when the weather gets bad. While playing sports indoors might offer protection from the elements, it’s still important to keep general safety in mind. In this blog, the team at the Hoover Met Complex is offering some advice on how to stay safe and prevent injuries when playing indoor sports.

All the Right Safety Gear

Whether it’s adults, teens, or kids playing indoor sports, it’s important to have the appropriate safety gear. From helmets to shin guards, having the right equipment is important for protecting against injury. If you’re organizing a league or a competition, make sure you know what kind of safety gear the players need and that everyone has access to it. Indoor sports are typically played on harder surfaces, which can make injury more likely without proper care.

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Warming Up and Stretching

It’s not just pads and guards that keep players safe. Your own body can be your worst enemy playing sports — indoor or outdoor — if you don’t take care of it properly. Being protected from the cold outdoors by playing a sport or exercising inside is no excuse to skip warming up. Stretching and warm-up exercise can help prevent muscle injury, improve your performance, and help to avoid soreness the next day.

Proper Supervision for Younger Players

If you’re coaching younger players, you need to make sure that they’re well supervised. If they’re playing on a harder indoor surface, there’s a higher risk of an accident if they’re not coached well. Remember that as a coach or a leader of a group, the responsibility of their safety is on you.

Keeping Hydrated

It’s especially important to remember to keep kids playing sports hydrated and make breaks a priority. Playing indoors might mean being shielded from hot or cold weather, but it doesn’t protect from dehydration. This goes for teens or adults, too. Hydration is essential when playing any sport at any age.

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First Aid Training and Injury Awareness

It’s also a good idea to have someone with first aid training and an awareness of how to deal with injuries with you as part of a team. A good indoor sports facility will have staff and facilities available for emergencies, but the more people with this kind of knowledge on hand, the better.

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