Event Space Tech to Look Forward To

Any good, modern event space will come with some of the latest tech for making events, shows, and meetings go as smoothly as possible. From large-scale A/V setups to smartphone apps to help organize and communicate with event staff, there are all kinds of tech options and gadgets to help with event planning. Like what? In this blog, the team at Hoover Met Complex is taking a look at some of the most recent and effective technology for event spaces and organization.

WiFi Connectivity

These days it should go without saying that any good event space or venue offers WiFi connectivity options. As WiFi technology improves, so too does signal strength, connection speed and, perhaps most essentially, security.

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Wireless Charging Stations

Speaking of wireless technology, wireless charging is rapidly becoming a common alternative to cables and USB connections. The potential offered by wireless charging stations being installed in event spaces is pretty significant and can offer a great deal of convenience for organizers, speakers, guests, and event staff.

Handheld Projectors, Portable Cameras, and Cam-Equipped Drones

With a smartphone in every pocket these days, it can be easy to take for granted just how amazing a lot of our modern gadgets are. When it comes to holding an event in any kind of event venue or space, a lot of new gadgets are making the experience more engaging and interactive.

For example, a handheld projector that easily slips into your pocket can hook up to a tablet, laptop, or smartphone to give you instant, simple access to your presentation. Small, low-profile, energy-efficient cameras are easier to get hold of than ever. Ever thought about attaching a Go-Pro camera to a remote-controlled drone? This can give you a totally different perspective on an event, whether it’s a conference or a concert.

Streaming and Remote Conferences

Giving an interactive experience to those who aren’t able to directly attend a show or event themselves is also incredibly simple now. Thanks to a wide range of streaming options, as well as some of the gadgets we mentioned above, you can offer paid access to live shows, or even free access to conferences for those unable to attend to stream or download. If you really want to offer something that’s a step ahead, you could even look into virtual reality tech for a truly immersive event experience.

Event Planning and Organizing Apps

It’s not just the events themselves that are benefiting from technological developments. Organizing and planning events has also gotten much simpler and more streamlined. Thanks to note-taking apps like Evernote and team communication platforms like Asana, planners and organizers can coordinate and communicate instantly. Not to mention that it’s so much easier now to reach the people you want to attend your event online.

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