A Walk Through the Explore Playground & Splash Pad

Hoover Met Complex is extremely excited about our campus’s newest feature: the Explore Playground & Splash Pad! Opened on May 15th, this has been one of the most popular attractions in all of Hoover! This 15,000 square-foot playground and 7,000 square-foot splash pad are made for everyone to have fun during the hot summer season. Not only is this park great for kids running around and playing, but it is also made to accommodate all ages — even adults! In today’s blog, Hoover Met Complex gives a mini-tour of our fun-filled Explore Playground & Splash Pad.  

Park Features

The Explore Playground & Splash Pad has all sorts of slides, monkey bars, swings, and much more for you to enjoy as you explore this massive park. With activities like a double zip track and roller slide, you will be laughing and screaming with excitement as you move through all the intricate play features. These park features are designed for different age ranges! Kids between 2 and 5 years old have a special play structure just for them, while the 5 to 12-year-olds have lots of other park features for their age range. 


This park is full of awesome design elements meant to get kids engaged. The variety of textures, surfaces, and technology built into the features will keep you and your child entertained for hours! With 43 elevated play events and 34 ground level play events, there will never be a dull moment!

Fun for Kids and Adults

Kids and parents alike enjoy this brightly colored and elaborate playground because of its unique features. Once you are worn out from a day in the Explore Playground, cool down by running through one of our many water features in the Splash Pad. The Splash Pad is a massive area full of secret fountains, spraying arches, and more! For the parents, this is the perfect place to let your kid run wild and burn some energy off! While you watch them have fun, you can lounge in the picnic area in the shade — if you need to burn some energy off too, you can join them!

Special Accommodations

One of the many things that set the Explore Playground & Splash Pad apart from other playgrounds is that it was designed with consideration for children with disabilities and mobility issues. There are swings, slides, and other features that will allow everyone to have fun. This safe environment gives you a chance to experience all the joy, laughs and giggles, no matter your ability level. If you have any questions about accessibility, contact us!

Discover the Explore Playground & Splash Pad for Yourself!

Spend a day under the sun at the Explore Playground & Splash Pad. It is the perfect way to spend a sunny day, either relaxing in the shade, running through the water, or eating lunch at the picnic tables. The Explore Playground & Splash Pad is open seven days a week, sunrise to sunset, for you to enjoy the max amount of play. Not only is it open every day, but it’s free and open to the public! Check out more about the Explore Playground & Splash Pad on our website where it breaks down all the different elements in the park.