Planning Around Weather: Outdoor Sports Complex

You spent months preparing for an outdoor event, and you are hoping for a bright and sunny day. A week before your big event, you check the weather forecast and it says thunderstorms. So what are you supposed to do? It can be challenging to predict the weather for an event. The last thing you want to do is be forced to cancel your event because of something as unlucky as rain. In today’s blog, Hoover Met Complex gives a few tips to beat the weather.

Have a Backup Plan

One of the first things you should do when planning any event, especially an outdoor event, is prepare a backup plan. There are a lot of things that can happen that are out of your control. The best thing you can do is be prepared! For example, you can schedule alternate dates in case of rain, you can provide rain shelters, or you can simply move the event inside! Stay updated on the weather forecast as the event approaches, because you never know when the weather will change!

Prepare for Your Guests

Your guests’ safety should be your top priority. In case of an unexpected storm, make sure your guests are adequately equipped to handle the situation. This preparation could include providing rain ponchos, instructing the attendees where the exits are, or creating a plan for what to do in case of an emergency. It is crucial to inform all staff at your event to make sure they are caring for the guests appropriately!

Know Your Location

Being familiar with your venue or outdoor event location will make handling weather much easier. By knowing the area well, you can lead people in the right direction, help them avoid certain sections of the venue, and make the event more streamlined. In case of inclement weather, it will be easier to alter your plans without sacrificing quality. Before you settle on an event venue, set up an appointment for a tour to check it out!

Utilize an Indoor Sports Complex

If bad weather is inevitable, and you can’t risk a cancelation, you can choose to move your event inside. At Hoover Met Complex, while we have state-of-the-art outdoor event spaces, we understand that the weather is unpredictable. Indoor sports complexes are a huge benefit to consider before booking your outdoor event space. Indoor sports complexes have a wide array of amenities that can accommodate almost any event. Talk to the staff about moving your event into an indoor area if the weather goes south!

The Finley Center at Hoover Met Complex

Hoover Met Complex has great outdoor event spaces, but our indoor facilities are also incredible! The Finley Center has many amenities, activities, and even indoor catering options to choose from. So if your event must be moved inside, your guests will still have an amazing experience! For more information, contact us today!