A Guide to Parking Your RV

An RV is a great investment if you’re looking for a way to travel in comfort with all your daily conveniences in tow. But, traveling with all your gear, it can be difficult to do something as simple as park. For new RV owners especially, it can be a real challenge to figure out how to maneuver your RV into a space, whether it’s at a rest stop or in an RV park. In this blog, the team at the Hoover Met Complex offers some advice for how to park your RV.

Plan Out Your Parking

Before you arrive at the RV park, or before you start the process of actually parking your RV, take some time to plan things out. This probably sounds strange if you’re used to just driving a car, but parking an RV can involve a lot of steps. The more you know going in, the less intimidating it is. This planning should ideally involve taking a look at the available space — or at least knowing the dimensions — and understanding how you need to steer your RV to get it safely into that space.

Have Someone Who Can Help

Part of your planning should also involve enlisting some help. Ask someone who is traveling with you to be your spotter when it comes time to park. Remember that they should also have a good idea of how the parking process is going to go to make communication easier. You should also consider getting some simple walkie-talkies. This way you can talk to each other clearly as you try and park.

Make Sure Your Mirrors Are Properly Adjusted

Your mirrors are going to be absolutely essential to parking your RV. The sheer size of your RV will make it much harder to see, so take the time to adjust your mirrors and be sure you have the best possible view from all angles. If you’re reversing a trailer that’s being towed, rather than an all-in-one RV, then you can use your mirrors to keep things straight. As you reverse, make sure the same amount of the trailer is visible in both mirrors — this way you know it’s straight.

Make Sure You Understand the Differences in Steering

If you’ve been driving for years, reversing a car probably isn’t a big deal. Reversing a trailer or RV is very different. It’s never a good idea to make large, sweeping turns of the wheel when you’re backing up an RV. Use small adjustments, whether you’re backing smoothly or having to make corrections. Don’t panic if you end up at the wrong angle since you’re more likely to start over-compensating and risking some real damage.

With a trailer, you also need to learn to go against your usual instincts. Backing up a trailer means having to turn the wheel in the opposite direction, making things even more confusing. This is why you need to be careful and take it slow in small, thoughtful, well-planned steps.

Practice When Possible

Whenever possible, you should make time to practice backing up your RV or your trailer. This is especially true if you’re a new RV owner and you’re not used to steering or towing a larger vehicle. When you’re practicing, be sure to do it away from high traffic areas.

Visit Our RV Park

If you’re looking for the perfect spot on your trip, the RV park at the Hoover Met Complex has everything you need. With power, sewer, and water hook-ups, WiFi access, and a close proximity to all the action, you won’t find anywhere better in Hoover, AL. Hoover Met RV Park also offers 170 pull-through parking spots, which makes the parking process quick and easy. Take a look at everything the Hoover Met Complex can offer or contact us with any questions.

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