Outdoor Fields at Hoover Met Complex

A well-rounded sports complex has both indoor and outdoor facilities. At Hoover Met Complex, we have multiple NCAA regulation-size fields that can accommodate even the largest of events. As you walk through the grounds, you will notice both the quality of each field and admire how well they are maintained. In today’s blog, we go on a tour of the various outdoor sports fields and learn what makes each of them great for your next outdoor event.

Hoover Met Stadium

Hoover Met Stadium is our largest outdoor facility with seating for more than 10,800 guests, not including the private tents, skyboxes, and pavilion area. One of the most popular events Hoover Met Stadium holds is the SEC Baseball Tournament. From this tournament alone, more than 120,000 fans visit our state-of-the-art complex. Not only is it just for outdoor sports, but it is also an event venue for concerts, community gatherings, and other competitions.

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Baseball Fields

Along with Hoover Met Stadium, another group of outdoor sports fields is just for baseball and softball. The four artificial turf fields and one natural grass field meet all NCAA regulations, allowing them to host large events. They are all equipped with scoreboards and batting cages perfect for warming up. By having turf fields the maintenance remains low, increasing year-round play.

Multipurpose Fields

Baseball isn’t the only outdoor sport we accommodate! Hoover Met Complex offers 5 NCAA regulation multipurpose fields that can be transformed for soccer, football, and lacrosse. Each field is high-quality turf able to withstand the wears and tears that come with competitive sports. These fields can quickly change from sport-to-sport depending on reservations. You can even reserve fields for practices, games, or upcoming tournaments through our website!  

The playing surface can have a big impact on your game. Hoover Met wants you to know the difference between these two types of outdoor fields: Turf vs. Grass – Outdoor Sports at Hoover Met Complex

Tennis Courts

If field sports aren’t your forte, check out our tennis complex! The 16 hard-court tennis complex makes for perfect tournament-style competition. Not only is the quality of the courts unmatched, but Hoover Met Complex’s amenities will make you want to keep coming back. These courts can also be utilized for pickleball league play!

Your Next Outdoor Event at Hoover Met Complex

Our new fields are meant to accommodate all styles of outdoor sports. With the addition of 10 NCAA regulation fields and 16 tennis courts, we can provide a location for practices, tournaments, and both youth and amateur sports. Visit our website to learn more about our facilities, amenities, and upcoming events. These fields are meant to be used, so contact us today for inquiries about event space rentals and more!  

hmc indoor pickleball tournament

Join us for an exhilarating weekend dedicated to pickleball! On July 27-28, we’re thrilled to host a pickleball tournament with diverse categories. Don’t miss out on the excitement!