Hoover Tennis: Tips to Develop a Consistent Serve

Your tennis serve is the key to starting each point with a bang. Yet, it’s also one of the hardest elements to master and maintain consistency. The experts at Hoover Tennis explain some tips to develop a consistent serve to improve your tennis game.

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Power Versus Topspin

Hoover Tennis explains there are two main aspects of a tennis serve: raw power and topspin. If you’re going for raw power, as you might do on your first serve, hit down on the ball when it descends from the toss. Serving for topspin slows down the ball but allows for more accuracy and better placement on the other side of the court. Hit up on the ball just as it descends to create more topspin. Taller players have an easier time with consistent serves because they can hit down on the ball more readily.

The Toss

The service toss is where a consistent tennis serve begins. Hold the ball with your fingertips instead of the palm of your hand. This creates less motion on the ball and reduces the chance of the ball going up at an angle. Simply lift the ball in the air rather than throwing it. Keep your toss as low as possible so the wind won’t affect it as much. Wind is more of a factor with the outdoor courts at Hoover Tennis, but even a slight wind could change a high toss. Attack the ball with your serve just as it starts to descend.


Slow down the tempo and rhythm of your serve. This gives you more muscle control, and it allows you to repeat the motion easier than if you do it faster. Fast serve motions may make you feel more rushed. Rushed serves lead to more errors and double faults. Slow down your rhythm and your body motion to have more precise control. Yes, serves are about power, but accuracy is more important when trying to land a serve that’s difficult to return. Hoover Tennis wants you to succeed in your game!

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