Tips for Staying Warm During Winter Sporting Events

The cold can sometimes be unbearable, especially after the 3rd Quarter of a football game. There are certain winter weather tips you need to take to stay warm throughout the game, whether you are a player or a spectator. 

Often, winter conditions are harder on the spectators because players are actively keeping their blood moving on the field or sidelines. Sitting in the stands for hours on end can be uncomfortably cold. Before you just layer up, check out these four tips from Hoover Met Complex on how to stay warm during a winter sporting event.

Check More Than the Temperature

While the temperature is important to look at before you head to the field, other weather factors such as wind speeds, humidity levels, and precipitation percentages are equally as significant. Make sure to factor these into your clothing choices to ensure you will stay the warmest on the sidelines or the sports field. For example, if there are high winds, your top-layer should be a windbreaker jacket or winter coat!

Wear the Right Materials

Cotton is not the ideal material for layering! All too often, we will layer with sweatshirts and undershirts, and cotton traps moisture and can leave you colder than before! Look for microfiber, polyester, and wool for layers that will trap heat but not moisture. This also can cut down on the number of layers you need, preventing unwanted bulk. 

Layer Properly

Just because you have several layers doesn’t mean you will stay as warm as possible. Bulky clothing will slow you down as you run across the pitch, and for spectators, it can make you feel immobile. Layer with wool base-layers, wool socks, a proper stocking cap, and thick gloves to cover those areas that release heat the fastest!

Stay Hydrated

In the winter, it might not feel like you need the water as much as a summer sporting event. However, staying hydrated is just as important in winter! You will still sweat as you run across the field, and when you sweat, your body temperature will drop. Make sure to replace the sweat you are losing by hydrating often!

Prepare for Your Next Winter Event at Hoover Met Complex

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