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Heating Up: How to Improve Your Game During Winter

Weights in a weight room

For outdoor sports like baseball, football, and soccer, they typically aren’t practiced in the winter. However, if they are, the practices are normally for training, season preparation, and exercise workouts. It can be easy to lose your rhythm when you aren’t playing in a sporting event every weekend or practicing throughout the week. It is […]

Back to Basics: Volleyball Player Positions

Blurred image of girls playing volleyball

There are six positions on a volleyball court, and each position serves a unique role in the success of the team. Just like other competitive teams, you need to depend on each player to not only do their job but do their job well. Volleyball is extremely fast-paced and requires serious athletic ability. Depending on […]

What Scouts Look for at Basketball Tournaments

Basketball player making a layup

Basketball tournaments deliver some of the most heated and intense games of any sport. Tournaments are a great way to showcase your skills to other teams, coaches, and fans. These showcase tournaments are designed for collegiate or professional scouts to learn more about players and decide if a player’s style will mesh with their team. […]

Safety Tips for Indoor Sports

Child with soccer ball indoors.

The Hoover Met Complex and Finley Center offers the best indoor sports amenities you’ll find in Hoover, AL and beyond. Playing sports indoors is a great way to keep fit and active when the weather gets bad. While playing sports indoors might offer protection from the elements, it’s still important to keep general safety in […]